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Guide to Milan | Travel + Leisure

Though it seems conventional and staid, Milan, Italy has a wealth of little-known pleasures. By Guy Trebay Another place on my bucket list (albeit a little low in the heirarchy), … Continue reading

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Restless No More

When I started travelling independently eight years ago, I thought I would never stop.  From exploring the castle in Arundel to skiing across the Black Forest all the way to … Continue reading

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Voyages of a lifetime | Lonely Planet

The romance of long ocean and river voyages of history holds powerful sway over the dreams of many world travellers. But there’s no need to relegate the great voyage to … Continue reading

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B is for Bali | An Overview for First-Timers

As I’ve said before, I rarely visit a place more than once within a ten-year time period.  But as fate would have it, I was sent to Bali for business … Continue reading

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Great Waterways of the World | Lonely Planet

Traditionally, along with the sea, rivers and canals were the main means of transporting goods, so history and culture is ripe along the banks of the world’s rivers. Using these … Continue reading

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Beyond Boracay | Finding paradise in rustic Hambil

Of all the times I decide to create a new blog entry, it’s on the eve of my first international trip for 2H 2013. I suppose having to travel reminds … Continue reading

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